East Atlantic Engineering

We create solid work for the present and future needs of our clients. But why “solid”? So you don’t waste time and money. In the fast-changing digital world, you need to make sure that your digital project is solid enough to evolve and adapt to the future needs of your business. This is the EAE … Continued


C2B is a digital content agency specialised in creating and distributing creative content. Content worth sharing. Content which leaves you wanting more. Content that surprises you. However, especially content that facilitates results (and high-fives!). We deliver (online) strategies, campaigns, social media management and the development of video formats.


Yours communication agency was founded in Luleå, Sweden, That’s just south of the polar circle, in the land of the midnight sun, polar night and the aurora borealis (but no polar bears). Today we have offices in both Luleå and Stockholm (definitely no polar bears there). For the past four decades we have been building … Continued


Great digital marketing performance is never just luck. It takes a lot of focus, skill and hard work. At Nubis we understand performance marketing and combine this with a healthy dose of creativity and ambition to inspire both our clients and ourselves.


Uhura is a digital marketing and tech agency. We help companies take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital change. We help brands stay relevant. We help develop user-oriented digital products and services. And we help companies engage their customers in digital space. Our solutions are driven by technology, data and are based on in-depth … Continued

The Croc

We are the Customer Experience agency for B2B brands and believe in the power of creativity to solve the toughest business challenges. This is Fierce Thinking. Thinking that challenges convention starts with our formidable team. Fierce Thinkers. We move in hybrid teams with specialists from across media, events, digital, creative, content and consulting. We’re obsessed​. When we commit to clients, it’s total … Continued

Barcelona Virtual

Relationships that Matter Thanks for stopping by. We’ve always focused on helping our clients long-term. creating relationships in both B2C and B2B. However, not with everyone. We seek their most profitable customers. – – – Today We Have the Tools At our BV Innovation Lab, we explore AI, Smart Data, Voice, Neuro and Marketing Automation … Continued