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Rewriting The Luxury Playbook

The O Group 

The O Group is a branding and strategic creative agency in New York City that specializes in uncovering unique brand capital for businesses interested in building relationships with a luxury lifestyle audience. 

We have spent the past 30 years hacking traditional agency models and have found a better way to create brands with actual purpose and meaning - allowing them to stand securely and far apart from trendy clones, pop impersonators and shallow replicas. 

We do this by translating brand equity into useful and unique capital, uncovering audience relevancy and developing holistic brand platforms that communicate with boldness and clarity.

In short, we inspire and guide luxury brands forward, transforming Good into Great.  

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Quick message

We’re experts in:

Design & User Experience
Content Creation
Video Production
Active Marketing
Brand Audit Qualitative Research
Competitive Analysis Branding Workshop
Brand Opportunity Reporting Brand Positioning
Brand Perception Mapping Brand Strategy
Digital Brand Strategy Audience Segmentation
Social Media Strategy
Brand Creative Platform / Direction Identity Design
Brand Collateral Digital Creative - Website
Packaging Design Signage Design
Social Media Creative
Brand Story Development Messaging Platform Creation
Key Brand Copy Development
Video Concept Development / Creative Direction Video Production Managment
Marketing Campaign / Creative Direction and Production Advertising Campaign - Print and Digital / Creative Direction and Production
Social Media / Creative Direction and Production

Our clients

From local well-known enterprises to worldwide loved brands: here are just a few of the great people we've had the privilege of working with.
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We know it, because we speak local. Like your brand will.