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We make your awesomeness obvious.

We are a New York-based an independent design agency that deploys strategy, content and creativity to help solve critical business challenges. 

We’re Agenda. And we’re here to help you achieve yours.

There’s no formula for what we do. It changes with every client and every market, every time the media landscape changes. But the spirit with which we approach it is always the same. Our values are the constant, guiding us through the process.

We look ahead. We are open minded and responsive to change.
We love what we do. We consider every angle and do our personal best.
We look out for each other. We are committed, your success is ours.
We puzzle through it, together. We find solutions as a team.

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Quick message

We’re experts in:

Design & User Experience
Content Creation
Video Production
Active Marketing
Data and Analytics
Education & Training
UX research Market research
User and stakeholder research Competitive analysis
Audits (technical, content, design)
Content strategy and development Brand strategy and development
Social and media strategy Customer journey
SEO: strategic guidance
Web accessibility User needs assessment
Technical and security assessment
Graphic design UX/UI
Mood boards Wireframing
Design systems Style guides
Front-end design Prototyping
Copywriting Animation and motion graphics
Videography and photography Digital assets
Concept development Scripting
Storyboarding Art direction
Production Editing and post-production
Digital and social advertising Direct-to-consumer marketing
Influencer marketing
Data analysis, synthesis and insights Campaign monitoring and reporting
Social media monitoring and reporting
User workshops CMS training
Customer journey

Our clients

From local well-known enterprises to worldwide loved brands: here are just a few of the great people we've had the privilege of working with.
We're familiar with

Not Fuh Nuttin’

“Not for nothing.” New Yorkers use this  phrase when giving an opinion about something that we believe is true, and maybe the listener doesn’t know or realize it. It’s is generally followed by “but…”

"Not Fuh Nuttin’, but this is the best pie I've ever made."

We know it, because we speak local. Like your brand will.