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An exclusive network of digital and creative agencies. We bring independent thinking and creativity, wherever you are.

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Do you know the meaning?



The golden standard. The amount that is just right. Lagom. There is no apt one-word translation in English, but in Swedish it’s the word above any other that defines the nation. It’s when there’s not too much, and not too little. It’s just right.

We understand the untranslatable, because we’re local everywhere.

What’s new?

Uhura Digital relaunches Uniper Engineering and takes over B2B marketing

In a multi-stage UX and strategy process, the Berlin-based digital agency and Affinita member Uhura has relaunched Uniper Engineering’s website. Uhura is also now advising and supporting the engineering consultancy in its entire content and social media marketing.  As an engineering consultancy and solution provider, Uniper Engineering is part of Uniper SE, an international energy … Continued

Alexa + Barcelona Virtual: Leading Voice Marketing

The popular English-language Barcelona Virtual Podcast on European Marketing – also available on Alexa devices – is now in its third year. Made up of Interviews with European innovators, Voice News and Case Studies from Europe, the number of episodes has reached 33, with the production of Episode 07 of Season 3 currently underway.

UK Affinità Partner ‘The Croc’ Announces Podium

Today, Affinita partner The Croc, Onalytica, and Turtl are announcing Podium, a global Immersive Virtual Events initiative, in partnership with ON24, the leading technology company helping businesses transform their marketing and customer engagement through data-rich digital experiences.

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